RiP – Harley Norager

Although Harley hadn’t raced for a few years, he will forever be remembered as the first ERC driver to break the then current speed bar, and cop a drive through penalty.

When he did this at Manfeild, the commentator was unaware of the break out rule, but the enthusiastic crowd were then cheering him on as he rejoined at an undiminished pace.

He ran a genuine MG BV8, albeit modified and that is the car that Dave Mallin races today.

Pre ERC/Leisuretime, Harley competed in Chris Watson’s/TACCOC’s Gasoline Alley series, and was always bemused that although he usually won on track, he lost points because the car wasn’t BRG, wasn’t leaking oil, wasn’t on wire wheels, had Japanese sparkplugs and was neither wooden framed nor fibreglass bodied!

Harley had suffered poor health recently, and passed away last night, February 1st.

Harley Norager’s funeral, celebration of his life, Friday 12th February at Manukau Memorial Gardens, 361 Puhinui rd. Papatoetoe.

Pic is Manfeild 1997, and the other car is also a genuine B V8, driven by Murray Baber.

Manfeild 1997

2 Replies to "RiP - Harley Norager"

  • comment-avatar
    Nick Wilcox
    February 4, 2021 (1:40 am)

    I think memorial is set for Friday 12th of February not 22nd……..

  • comment-avatar
    Murray Baber
    February 21, 2021 (11:06 pm)

    RIP Harley – a better driver and a faster V8 you were great competitor.

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