HRC Icebreaker

Entries are now open for our first round of the new season, HRC Icebreaker. Go to to enter. Entries close, without late entry fee, at 10 am, Monday 23 September 2019. If you enter early, you can cancel by email for a full refund up until 5 pm on Friday, 27 September 2019.

ERC will race as a combined grid at this meeting on Sunday, 29 September 2019 only. If you intend to cross-enter in the Trofeo Series as well, please note that Trofeo will race on the Saturday only (and ERC on the Sunday only).

ERC drivers briefing will therefore be on Sunday morning and, if you have not done documentation and scrutineering earlier, that will need to be done on Sunday morning as well. Look out for trophy and new nickname presentations at drivers briefing.

The new format is the result of a decision to try combined grids, at the 2 day HRC events which Trofeo will also enter, with all ERC racing on the Sunday only. At other meetings, namely the two one-day TACCOC meetings and the Tasman Revival at Hampton Downs in late January 2020, I intend to run separate Arrows and AES grids, provided that the entries justify separate grids. That means that those who prefer separate grids will have 3 out of 8 rounds and those keen to try 1 day’s racing at 2 day events can do so at the rest. If issues emerge as the season goes along, the format change can be revisited. Your feedback throughout the season will be appreciated…. 🙂

The handicap races will be unchanged at 8 laps but there will be format changes to the non-points scratch race at those meetings. The scratch race will comprise separate class grids (gridded by qualifying time) with the AES grid flagged away first and the Arrows grid flagged after a delay. As a result, I expect the race to be a couple of laps longer than previously – 12 minutes plus 1 lap. The idea is to ensure that the AES cars do not get fewer laps than usual by combining grids.

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