We aim to do one round a month and to mix one and two day events at three different tracks. Entry to all series events is via the website.

The season concludes with our annual awards dinner – free to paid up entrants and also open to paying guests.

SEASON 34 2019/2020

There are 8 ERC Rounds for the 2019-2020 season. Only the points scored at the best 5 rounds count. The Legends of Speed meeting is a double points round.

The 2019-2020 season calendar is:

28/29 September 2019 HRC Icebreaker HD
Sun 3 November 2019 TACCOC Pukekohe
Sun 8 December 2019 TACCOC HD
4/5 January 2020 HRC Tasman Revival Taupo
25/26 January 2020 HRC Tasman Revival HD
22/23 February 2020 HRC Tasman Revival Pukekohe
21/22 March 2020 HRC Legends of Speed HD (double points)
25/26 April 2020 HRC Jack Nazer Memorial Taupo

TBA Series Annual Awards Dinner

– Updated August 2019